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Certain areas of this website are reserved for members and require a login.
If you don't have a password or you're having trouble getting you login to work, this page will help you.

Restore Your Password

If you're a Pittsburgh Ecclesia Member, you have an account on the website already. Your username will be your first and last name with no spaces, for example johnsmith
You can also log in using your email address, which is the one listed in the directory.  

Use this form to Restore your Password. But First, read the directions below.

How to Restore your Password

Updated 4/2021

The Password Restore process is very specific!

1: Enter Your username (first and last name, no space) or your email address in the box above and press the Restore Password button.

If you receive the message "Username is not valid" when using either the username or email address, you don't have an account on the site and will need to ask for acess.

2: Within a few minutes an email with be sent to you with a link to restore your password.

Copy and Paste the link from the email to the same browser window that you requested the password from. The link must be opened in the same browser that you requested the password from.  If you receive an error message when opening the link, and the member's page is not loaded, then you need to start over and make sure to open the link in the same browser window.

3: Once you open the link, it will bring you to this page, and display your new temporary password. Copy that password then select the "Log In" Link. Use the new temporary password and your email/username to log in.

Restore Password Example Image

Restore Password Example

Please make sure to copy the temporary password so you can log in to the website. 

4: Scroll to the bottom of that page and use the "Update Your Login Info" section to set up a new password.

Once you have saved your password, make sure you keep it in a safe place. Next time you visit the site, you can either login with your username or email address.